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What Happens When My New Jersey Car Accident Case Goes to Trial?

What Happens When My New Jersey Car Accident Case Goes to Trial?

It is usually a frustrating experience to be involved in a car accident. Not only are you left to deal with the aftermath, but working with insurance companies can be that much more difficult. While most claims are settled with the company before going to trial, there are some cases in which a trial does take place. If your car accident case goes to trial, it is important to know what to expect. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney for assistance with your case.

Why Would I Go to Trial?

There are two main reasons why a claim may go to court. This may be if you and the insurance company cannot agree on fault or both parties are not satisfied with the compensation that was proposed. In these situations, a trial can help by showing evidence that backs up your claim to the court. If you are deemed not at fault, you may be able to receive more compensation. However, it is important to know that if you are proven to be at fault, it can hurt your case and settlement. 

What Does a Car Accident Trial Look Like?

The first step in a car accident trial is selecting the jury. This is done randomly by asking each jury member various questions to see if they are fit for the case and prevent possible biases. Once chosen, a trial date can be set. During the trial, opening statements will take place and each side can present their argument. An insurance company may state you do not deserve compensation because you were partially at fault for the accident. Once opening statements are done, your case can be presented with proof to the jury. This can consist of witness testimony, bystanders, medical professionals, and more.  

After both sides are argued, closing arguments can be delivered to recap each side to the jury. The jury can then deliberate to decide their verdict over the course of just hours or days, depending on the severity of the case. Once decided, they will share the verdict with the judge who will give the decision to you and your attorney. If you win your case and an appeal is not filed, you may receive your compensation from the insurance company within 15-40 business days.

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