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What Do I Do If I Was Injured by Defective Home Gym Equipment?

What Do I Do If I Was Injured by Defective Home Gym Equipment?

As a result of Coronavirus lockdown throughout New Jersey and across the country, many gyms remained closed for the better part of this year. This led many people to purchase at home gym equipment to continue their workouts during this time. While there are many ways injuries can happen at a person’s own fault, it is also possible for workout equipment to be defective and cause an accident. This can lead to severe injuries, which is why injured parties can pursue legal action to recover compensation as a result. This is possible through product liability law. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney for further assistance.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability law requires all manufacturers to provide consumers with the proper standard of care. This means producing products that are safe to use and do not cause harm. However, there are situations in which manufacturers are negligent and create products that are defective. This can lead to malfunctions when they are being used, thus causing injuries. 

What are Examples of Defects?

There are three main types of defects that are seen in product liability cases:

  • Design defects: If the designer did not consider user safety when creating the product and the design causes injuries to those who use it.
  • Manufacturer defects: When the creator of the product does not follow the correct protocol during production and the item becomes defective. 
  • Failure to warn: Manufacturers must put a warning label on products people know how to use them safely to avoid injuries. This is important with home gym equipment, as the misuse of these items can cause serious injuries as a result. 

How Can I Recover Compensation? 

If a piece of home gym equipment does not function the way it is intended and malfunctions, it can cause detrimental injuries. This does not only result in physical burdens, but emotional and financial burdens as well. It is because of this that injured parties can pursue legal action to recover compensation as coverage for these damages. It is important to know that compensation cannot be recovered simply for workout related injuries. It is only possible if the equipment was faulty due to production negligence. Manufacturers who are found liable for these injuries may owe the injured party compensation in order to cover the damages.

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