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Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect My Car Insurance?

Brown Law, LLC Jan. 14, 2022

The outbreak of the new Coronavirus has changed people’s lives in many ways, whether it may be directly or indirectly. It is because of this that many are working towards adjusting and in the meantime wondering what else may change. One question people may ask themselves is if the virus will have an impact on certain insurances, such as car insurance.

It is important to know that, for the most part, car insurance will not be impacted during these trying times. However, unfortunately, this does not stop car accidents from happening on the road, which means that people will have to deal with their insurance companies. Continue reading to learn more about how these situations may be handled during this time.

How Do I Contact My Insurance Company?

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, many businesses are closing their doors to the public and working remotely. You can expect that your car insurance company is doing the same. While these situations may not affect your policy, it may stop you from being able to go to the insurance office to file a claim.

This can be remedied by simply calling your insurance company to speak with a representative over the phone. Other ways this can be done is by a website, mobile app, or email. In addition to this, it is important to anticipate some delays with the process, as other necessary businesses such as body shops can be closed or limited as well. It is possible that some insurance companies may choose grant temporary payment extensions, place holds on policy terminations due to nonpayments, and more.

How Can I File a Car Insurance Claim?

As mentioned above, a car insurance claim will most likely have to be filed virtually during this time. While the claim may be filed, compensation for medical bills, damages done to the vehicle, and more can be delayed, as insurance companies are adjusting to the impacts of the disease just like anyone else. However, by retaining our personal injury attorneys, you can be comforted by knowing that an experienced legal team on your side to fight for your right to recovery throughout this trying time.

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